Down Memory Lane

There are many sites on the web that bring back memories.  Here are a few that we have found, and others that you have sent to us.  If you have another one, please send it to Don McMullen  Just click on Don's name and send it on its way!  

To hear the music or to see the memory pages, simply click on each of the highlighted sections.  Enjoy!

Music We Loved

Listen to The Platters click here

Find a great juke box of high school favorites here

Visit this site for the music we danced to

Can you name the top 100 songs of 1959?  Check it out here

How about the top 50 your junior year?

Or the top 50 for 1957?

Can you possibly remember as far back as your freshman year?

For a really great modern version of an old song click here.

Remember when ...

Can you remember when life was in black and white?

Close your eyes.....And go back in time.... 

Car hops, Camels and cork pop guns plus more found here

How many of these things bring back memories?

 Could the 1950s F.W. Woolworth's fountain menu compare to Kings Drive-In?