This is the list of those who have RSVPed so far.  If your friends aren't on the list you might send them a friendly email and tell them to go to and fill out the RSVP page.
Guest RSVP'd
Alexis Valdivia
Anthony Verdoia
Arlene Yaley
Barney Deasy
Berti Cardinaux
Bill Yaley
Bob Alberto
Bob Schick
Bud Grandsaert
Carl “chuck” Cammarata
Carmen Gagliardi
Charlie Maguire
Cliff Bellone
Dave Caron
Don McMullen
Don Valdivia
Dory Grandsaert
Gary Hughes
Irene McMullen
Jane Stefani
Joan Dale
John Small
John Neil Chichizola
Joneen Small
Joseph Millett
Joseph Whipp
June Chichizola
Kathleen Cammarata
Kathleen Gagliardi
Kathy Adasiewicz
Lee Becker
Lidia Becker
Linda Maguire
Martha Krieger
Mary Claire Caron
Maryann Millett
Maureen Deasy
Maury Hannigan
Muriel Verdoia
Nick Carboni
Paulette Carboni
Rene Cardinaux
Robert Garratt
Roger Krieger
Ron Stefani
Sue Alberto
Susan Hannigan
Vinni Bellone
William Adasiewicz
Total 49