Padres, Brave and Bold!
Still recovering from a fabulous weekend, still trying to sort out all the great stories, and still trying to get over my plight as a passenger in Verdoia's car (as he got lost at every turn, I saw more of San Mateo Co. in one weekend with him at the wheel than I did in four years at Serra!).  Part of the joy was filling in the fifty years and finding out where everyone has been; another was renewing the memories and learning things I didn't know about those halcyon (cf. Mark Hart) years between 1955-1959.  (One special highlight was a chat with David Stronk when he reminded me of my potassium lecture.  He confessed that he had never taught before and was only one page ahead of us in our chemistry class.  I assured him he was farther along than that, at least ten pages, maybe tweIve.  Of course, he also recalled Bellone's famous lecture and brilliant demonstration on the flight of corks.)  
By all means let us do this again in five years: it sounds as if we have a consensus.  
Let me pile on more love for our reunion committee!  Their efforts (esp Don's and Arlene's) shaped the weekend!
Keep it going,
Nose (aka Bob Garratt)
Carmen et al : Words do fail when the time comes to attempt expressing all the wonderful thoughts that are going through me. First my gratitude to Arlene Yaley for all she’s done to give us something to keep for a lifetime. To Don McMullen and his tireless efforts over a long period of time to plan, implement, cajole and demand whatever it took to make this happen. To you Carm for the effort to make certain that from the first quarter on Friday night until the last dog was hung on Saturday night we were never far from another glass (or styrofoam cup) of wine. Wonderful wine. To all who made any effort large or small to insure the success of the evening. To Bob Yonts my hope that your time of sadness was in some way lessened by the love of your friends and for in your own way telling us how much we mean to you. Finally to all who showed up and made what promised to be a great evening in fact truly an everlasting memory. May I humbly suggest that after a few months that we begin looking forward to a 55TH reunion. That we put it on ourselves. That Don McMullen head the effort. All in favor ……………   After all we are playing the back 9. Be well my brothers. Hail to The Padres.      Brave and Bold     
With love, Gary “Booze” Hughes      
It would be difficult to add anything to what Gary has said.  Great planning, fabulous classmates and a wonderful evening!  It really was fun and full of memories.  I'm in for wherever and whenever and if I can help, let me know.
6,000 miles were nothing in order to enjoy an evening with all of you!  I wholeheartedly endorse all that has been said about the quality and care given to the organization and presentation of the evening.  I must join in giving a special thanks to Don McMullen for his devotion to the Reunion.  I understand why he says he only goes into work two or three days a week - he was devoting four or five days a week to the Event.
I have given great thought to your suggestion, Gary, that we all gather again in five years ... but ... Half Moon Bay!?!?  Would not our spouses much prefer a planned "pilgrimage" to the city of Split, Croatia [site of Diocletian's Summer Palace] -- just across the beautiful Adriatic Sea from the Homeland of 27 classmates (is that what you determined, Carmen?).
I have added Archbishop Frank Hurley's email address to the group list, and regret that he has not received all of the great recollections of our classmates -- if I remember correctly, it was the Class of '59 that recognized "Hurley for Pope" over "Ring is Right for Rome"!  It was great having "Father Frank" with us ... even if he had a "sub" give the "blessing" so that he could be with "underclassmen"!
For me ... and Archbishop Frank, who also left Serra after "our" Sophomore year ... it was a great thrill to receive that Golden Diploma, which I will proudly display along with my Certificate of Retirement from the Armed Forces of the United States, my Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice award by Benedictus XVI Pont. Maximus for 37 years serving the Bishops and the People of the Church, and my framed color poster of the Championship Boston Red Sox, Champions for all years, who "Believe.  Keep the Faith. [and realize] Impossible Dreams Come True."
Thank you all for a wonderful evening!
James Michael "Ozzie" "Speed" [until Bill Yaley and Carmen Gagliardi agreed, in our sophomore year, to join with me in the mile] Hoffman 
Hi,  I couldn't agree more, thanks to all that helped organize this reunion and rekindled all our memories.  I enjoyed seeing all of you! We didn't know how good we had it back then, 25 cent gallon of gas, 19 cent burgers and jobs for whoever wanted to work !
I agree we should meet more often than ten years, that's too risky at our age, I don't buy green bananas anymore!!
I suggest that those of us that have the room could offer our places for a biannual getogether.  The thought of Italy or Napa valley says that Sonoma County would be a good venue.  My ranch in Sonoma County is available if anyone is interested, perhaps we can roll the event around to different places and give our spouses a different place to visit every other year.
Rene Cardinaux
Jim and all the Serra alumni,  the night was truly one to remember.  Like all of you, it helped me remember the foundation that Serra gave me and helped me to launch into life.  Even though others through the years have helped me get to where I am, Serra was the foundation. 
Thanks to Don and his great crew for the planning and evening and the reunion photos. 
Jim, I think it's a great idea that we gather in Split on the beautiful Adriatic in none other than Diocletian's Palace.  Let's make it 5 years instead of 10 for the reunion.  Or Italy, or Napa Valley (more realistic).
See you then,   
To All,
It has been almost a week, and I am still in “AW”  of the incredible weekend I was able to spend among people, places and things that were so much a part  of forming my adult life. Friendships just don’t happen, they are nurtured.  And after 50 years so many of them were rekindled. Seeing how people like McMullen, Carmen, Arlene and so many others worked so hard to make that happen solidifies how deep that all meant in our young life’s.  Every day I get to my office and   read more of the e-mails of how this all touched us. I know for sure, God willing, I will want to be part of whatever the group decides on getting to gather in the near future.  Thanks to all of my “59” classmates for a great  4 years.
As for why I was chosen as Foreman of the jury, had to be.  I was the party organizer and cheer leader and somebody had to lead you 11! Who else would have had the beer? 
Tony “Knots”
Don,.Gary, Carmen and everybody else:
What a great reunion!!!!    Thank you so much for inviting me.  What a great job the committee did in organizing it and Don in seeing it through!.  I enjoyed talking to so many of you and wish I could have talked to the rest of you.  I listened carefully as each name was called when the "Golden Diplomas" were passed out, and tried to remember something about each one of you as your names were called.  It was mind boggling to see the men you have become.  Somethings never change, however.  The loud ones are still loud.  The instigators still instigate and the quiet ones are still quiet trying to figure out what all the commotion is about.  As most of you know, I came in the fall of 1955 as a freshmen teacher and you as freshmen students  I still don't know who learned more.  I stuck with you for four years (remember 1c,2c,3c,4c) and stayed around for 31 more years.  I kept looking for another class like you guys but never found one  Whoever coined the phrase "Once a Padre,always a Padre" was surely thinking of the class of "59".  I am 81 now so I can't say I'll make the next reunion, but you guys will always epitomize to me what Serra is all about.    God bless each one of you and "Go Padres"
Ken Houle
Sally and I are still talking about the great time we had last weekend at our class reunion. It was wonderful to see so many of my classmates and remember old times. For me it was also great to see and speak with former students and athletes from the other classes.
I was especially happy to see Archbishop Hurley. He was the one who taught me to drive a stick shift on the school's old gray Navy surplus truck on the track at Serra. Hopefully, we can put together a 55th reunion. At our age, ten years is a long span to wait for the next reunion.
 Rick Fambrini
Dear Don: What a terrific job you and the reunion committee did to put on such a great event.  Much thanks also to Arlene Yaley for all her work. I agree with the comments of many of my classmates that we should get together in 5 years rather than wait for our 60th. What was also very interesting was that for some of us, such as with you; John Small; Gary Hughes; Barney Deasy etc it was also a reunion for classmates from our early days at grammer school  at St. Mathews.  What a treat. For next time it would be great to work on getting the rest of our classmates to attend and experience this wonderful gift. You can count on me to help in that respect.
Best Regards to All.
Not to reiterate (Word Power, junior year) all the previous superlatives, but this event was a wonderful evening!!  Thanks for the effort of all! Good to see everybody's smiling faces and hear what happened in the last fifty years. Come see me!
Bob Yonts,
Santa Cruz
The reunion weekend was wonderful, certainly because of all the planning by  the nortious '59 reunion committee. Thanks to each of you. But, I think all the rest of us played a part in sharing non stop conversation. The time was too short so I'm ready for the next get together, just name the time & place. It was fun to see each of you and relive a piece of history.
Charlie Maguire
I was truly impressed with all of the work and accomplishments. Thank you all. It will remain prominent in my memory forever.
But, here's the question I thought at dinner and didn't get to ask the group. Maybe somebody will remember.
When we were freshman, the first in a whole new campus, we were all required to show up on a Saturday in May for the dedication of the new building.
Because we were freshman, we were required to sit in the gym and listen to the proceedings going on in the auditorium.
We got to listen in on speakers.
So, after the National Anthem, who was it that shouted out "Play Ball!"?
Bob Reynolds
Voice 415-383-0207  Cell 415-306-4948    
What a wonderful evening!  I  came home with some very intense feelings, just at the joy of seeing so many of  you, and of gratitude for the privilege of having had a small role in a very significant part of your lives.  I did some serious thinking in the wee hours of the morning (when you get old that happens)  about what our relationship with you guys was based on, and I came up with a couple of things that I've wanted to share with somebody, and I guess your note makes you the victim.  They are very random thoughts, and I hope not too maudlin. 

First of all, you men were, at that point, our life's work.  I think most of us did see it as a vocation, and as a truly priestly work.  We really did care, and I think that was somehow communicated and recognized/appreciated in subtle and even subliminal ways.  Secondly, I think that there was an honest mutual respect.  There was no confusion of roles, we weren't "pals", you were teenagers and we were adults, but there was a respect for the person.  I'm not sure how to put it, but the respect was there.  Probably Bob Garrett could put it more precisely and even elegantly.  Finally, we genuinely liked you because you were really nice and decent people, and fun to be with.  And to have been able to see so many of you the other evening, and reread the biographies, which I did on Sunday, was a delight and cause for real gratitude.  Then on Sunday, I remembered all the deceased members of the class of '59 at
Mass.  In a way I would like to have said some of these things Saturday, but I hadn't really formalized my thoughts, and then archbishops do take precedence. Thus, the ramblings of an old teacher, but somehow I know you will respect them. 

Take care and God bless! 

Tom Madden
I would like to add my thanks to you, and all on the reunion committee for an exceptional event. Particular thanks for the "negotiations" in attaining our private room / served meal; that added considerably to the atmosphere. 
The whole event was very well organized, with exceptional attention to detail, all aspects were truly enjoyable.
I just logged on to the web site and viewed the picture's thanks to Arlene Yaley for her efforts.
Best regards
Let me dip my oar into the water. 
Thanks Don, Arlene, and everyone that worked hard to put the reunion on.  I always intended  to attend but frankly I did not have a lot of enthusiasm even though I attended all the previous ones. However the Don's emails, website particularly with the comments and pictures of class members got me excited.  I couldn't wait to get there.  I was not disappointed ---- it was the best one yet. 
I agree we should do it more often.  The suggestions are excellent.  The good Lord willing, I'll be there.
Vivat Jesus!

Ray Bly
My completes and congratulations to all who planned and worked so hard to bring the reunion to a remarkable success - Don, Dave, Bob A, Bob Y, Gary, John, Carmen, Joe, Arlene and Bill, and all those I have missed.  It was a wonderful event throughout and I'm deeply thankful for the memories provided and the opportunity to reestablish friendships.  I agree wholeheartedly with Gary, but I don't think we should wait in five year increments.  Let's shoot for Half Moon Bay at the Hotel Carmen has swagger with and do them more frequently on an informal bases.
Thanks to all,
We just returned from vacation, and I just wanted to add my thanks to the committee (especially Don, Carmen and my lovely wife Arlene) for the great job on the Reunion.  You all made this a special evening.  It was great seeing everyone and having some wonderful conversations.  I’m only sorry we didn’t have more time since I did not get to talk to all of my classmates.  I am also ready for another reunion in less than 10 years (perhaps for more than one evening), and I will help in any way possible.  This is a special Class, and, God willing, we can continue this tradition of meeting many times in the next few years.
Bill Yaley
A great week end (except the outcome of the football game!) and it may be 50 years, but it sure feels like yesterday. I can only echo the thanks to all who worked on the event, the web site, the dinner and the special recognition provided by Serra itself. It’s only too bad we can only have one 50 year reunion! It was great to see so many old friends and catch up.  Hang in there and see you in 5!
I join with everyone else in congratulating Don, Carmen, the Yaleys and everyone else who planned the 50th year reunion. What a great time! If we have our next event in Half Moon Bay, I'll cook breakfast for the whole group. Wait, I don't live there anymore.
I'd like to add my thanks to all of the other expressions of gratitude for Don, his committee, all who worked behind the scenes to put our reunion together, for Tom Madden and for his shared reflections and for everyone who was there Saturday night.  It was an incredible experience.  It was great to see everyone and to begin learning more about what people have been up to for the last 50 years :-)

The only problem with our gathering was that it was too short (as I imagine such events always are).  I would certainly be in favor of our meeting again soon (in 5 years?), perhaps with a somewhat longer format, and would be happy to do anything I could to help put it together.

Thanks again to everyone!

- Bob Leger

Don: Don't know what is going on with my computer, but this is the fifth try to say thanks to you and your group for all the work you put into making the 50th class reunion so successful. Thanks originally to my procrastination in writing this and thanks to all the problems I have had with the computer I now can't think of anything to add that has not already been said.
I agree with the others that we should not wait for 10 years for another one but I don't presume that the burden should be put on you and all who put so much time and effort into making this a truly great class reunion. In these days or retirement and computers I think that most of us would have the time to join in the planning and work of the next one.
Thanks again to you, to all who worked and contributed, and to all our classmates who were able to attend and make this a great event.

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